The Eagles in Los Angeles, California
Date: 1980
Quality: B
Source: Audience
Discs: Two

Note: There is a partial version of this show that has slightly better quality here. Don after Desperado: "Love that sensitive shit." Dan Folgelburg comes out for Rocky Mountain Way. Great versions of Those Shoes and Oh Carol.


Disc One
1) Hotel California
2) Already Gone
3) In The City
4) King of Hollywood
5) The Sad Cafe
6) Lyin' Eyes
7) I Can't Tell You Why
8) Desperado
9) Those Shoes
10) Heartache Tonight
11) One of These Nights
12) Turn to Stone

Disc Two

1) Life's Been Good
2) Life in the Fast Lane
3) Rocky Mountain Way
4) Greeks Don't Want No Freaks
5) Take It Easy
6) Oh Carol
7) The Best of My Love

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