The Eagles on the Don Kirshner Rock Concert
Date: 1974
Quality: A
Source: Soundboard
Discs: One

Note: This bootleg is also known as "Good Day in Hell" and "Vanishing Away." Parts of it apppear on the "Early Years / Live at the Paris Theater" bootleg as well as "Motel 6." It features guest appearances by Linda Ronstadt and Jackson Browne.


1) Peaceful Easy Feeling
2) Already Gone
3) Good Day In Hell
4) Silver Threads And Golden Needles (Linda Ronstadt)
5) Desperado (with Linda Ronstadt)
6) It Doesn't Matter Anymore (Linda Ronstadt and Bernie Leadon)
7) Midnight Flyer
8) Twenty One
9) Ol' 55
10) Up And Down This Highway (Jackson Browne)
11) Words And Music (Jackson Browne)
12) James Dean
13) Doolin Dalton
14) Doolin Dalton/Desperado
15) Take It Easy (with Jackson Browne and Linda Ronstadt)

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