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Don Henley Cruise down a desert highway with Don Henley.

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Default Re: Don in the Press/Blogs/etc.

Originally Posted by shun
Don mention in this article. I want to see this documentary that Niall is talking about.

The Eagles are his favourite band — he’s befriended Don Henley through meeting the rocker’s daughter Annabel. “I’m like the family’s adopted son,” Horan jokes.

Henley did an interview for an Apple documentary on Flicker.

“He hardly ever does interviews. For him to say yes to doing an interview for me was good enough. He could have done the worst interview of all time and I wouldn’t have given a sh--! Don agreed to do that for me.” Both men have discussed writing songs together — Horan is hoping his next visit to Henley in Texas may bear musical fruit.

“Imagine that. There would be nothing better than to be sitting in a room with my guitar in my hand with Don Henley, writing a song together. I’d probably forget how to play guitar. Just to have a jam with him would be enough, but imagine being on a song with Don Henley. That’s the dream.”

Horan says seeing Henley and his email buddy Elton John still passionate about music after decades in the game is inspiring.

“They could easily just concentrate on their own fortune and legacy, but they still have time to help younger acts,” he says. “It’s incredible. What I’ve noticed over the years, and I keep this in my head all the time, is that the bigger the star the nicer they are. From Johnny Depp to Ellen DeGeneres to the Obamas to Don Henley and Elton — they are all so lovely. It’s always the smaller people who are the biggest dickheads.”
That's great!

Always in our hearts, Never forgotten
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