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Timothy B. Schmit Just let it ride with Timothy B. Schmit.

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Default Re: Timothy in the Press/Blogs/etc.

Here and Now was great!
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Default Re: Timothy in the Press/Blogs/etc.

Timothy's released an edited version of Pearl On The String as his new single (4:00 from 4:56);

It's one of my favourites but it still sounds too long to me
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Default Re: Timothy in the Press/Blogs/etc.

Thanks, Funk50. "Pearl on a String" is one of my favorite songs from the album. I was surprised that it was eliminated fairly early in Leap of Faith Survivor. Now I feel a little vindicated.

Take it to the limit, one more time.
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Default Re: Timothy in the Press/Blogs/etc.

Timothy will be interviewed again on Vintage TV at 10:30pm on April 25th.
The programme is called 'Needle Time' and is hosted by music critic Neil McCormick.
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Default Re: Timothy in the Press/Blogs/etc.

Tim's been doing some phone interviews to promote his upcoming concert dates. This one is with By Chuck Yarborough of The Plain Dealer.

Addressing the question everyone is asking "who will sing Frey's parts"

"I can't tell you,'' said Schmit, a smile clearly evident in his voice. "I'm sworn to secrecy.''

If they aint tellin', I assume that they have a few options and are waiting to see how strong the initial ticket sales are going. If it's Elton or MacCartney, ticket sales will have been sluggish. If they sell out without making the announcement, the obvious choice would be Sombody from the five other bands on the bill or someone cheap
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Default Re: Timothy in the Press/Blogs/etc.

This is a transcript of Timothy's interview with Nicky Horne that was shown on Vintage tv recently. The interview was recorded in February and clearly this was before Nicky or Timothy knew about the Classic shows.

Nicky Horne: Our star guest today was the bass guitarist with the Eagles. I say ďwasĒ because with the death of Glenn Frey the Eagles are no more. Whilst Don Henley and Joe Walsh have had successful and long-standing careers, Timothy has really kept a lower profile. Well thatís about to change now with his new solo album ďLeap of FaithĒ. We met up with Timothy B Schmit when he flew into London recently.

NH: Timothy, itís always good to see you. I think the first time was when you were in Poco and in fact the last time was around 7 years ago when Expando came out.

TBS: Thatís right.

NH: So seven years from one solo album to the next. What took you so long?

TBS: Well, I had some priorities. The number one priority was Eagles and we were touring a lot so I didnít have a lot of time to write and record. I would return home between tour legs and chip away at it. Another thing is that I wrote all these songs but Iím not really fast at it. Iím very methodical and take my time. That combination is the reason.

NH: You said in one interview - ďI wanted to make an album on my own. In any collaboration one has to make a series of compromisesĒ - which of course you had to do with the Eagles. With this there is no compromise and the lyrics are very personal indeed, arenít they?

TBS: Yeah, I would say so. Itís kind of a diary, I think. To just write about what Iím thinking about on any particular day and lately Ďcos I am getting older, I guess it deals with my own mortality.

NH: You talk about mortality. You think about how youíre going to spend the rest of your life. In the first song you talk about not letting the little things kind of get to you and you say in the lyrics that the little thingÖ itís been happening a lot the last few years.
(Timothy acknowledges this with a ďhmĒ and a smile)

TBS: Well I think itís probably always happened but Iím conscious of it now/ Iím conscious of trying to let the stuff that doesnít matter , let it go y the wayside Ďcos we donít know how much time we have here. When a friends does die, someone close to you, thatís when you really realise it so Iím trying to enjoy as much as I can and write as much as I can about that.

NH: Weíve not had a chance, you and I, to speak since Glenn died. I know that within the group, the Eagles and family and friends, people knew Glenn was sick but I donít think that anyone thought that it would turn so bad so even then it must have cine as a terrible shock to you.

TBS: Yeah. He was very sick but the longer he stayed pretty much unconscious, the more and more we started to comtemplate this real possibility, hope being that it wasnít going to happen but indeed it did and even though we were sort of prepared youíre never really prepared. Itís so final. Iíve stopped thinking about it every single day now but for months and months, I didnítÖ it didnít get out of my head that this person that you knew and worked with is just goneÖ profoundly sad and weird.

NH: He was the one who brought you into the band.

TBS: Heís the one that called me up. I still remember that day.

NH: Tell us about that.

TBS: Well, I was home up in the Hollywood Hills. Poco was off. I believe my wife and then my only daughter were out of town and I barely had been up out of bed and back then it was probably afternoon and I got this call and it was Glenn and he pretty much said that Randy was quitting and am I interested and you know and I was able to say ďJust point me. Iím there. Iím ready.Ē

NH: But I read the other day that you did an amazing thing. Instead of allowing your manager at the time to tell the other band members in Poco, didnít you go aroun Ė is this true? Iím hoping this is true Ė that you actually went round to each individual member of Poco to talk to them and say ďLook, Iíve been offered this gig with the Eagles. Iím out.Ē

TBS: The reason I did it Ė yes it is true Ė the reason I did that Ė Richieís a great friend of mine still. I love him, heís my mentor and all that but when he quit the band to do the Geffen thing with Souther Hillman Furay thing we were called into Geffenís office and we were told by management that Richie was gone and we had no clue about it. I actually was really surprised that Richie wasnít talking to us. I thought that wasnít a good way to do it. So when I was the one who was leaving, I made sure that I went and visited everybody. It was important to me to do that.

NH: I want to talk to you about your life in the Eagles in the sense that you had to go through that period, you know, when Hell Freezes over, where you thought that the band was finished, was done. So you kind of had a rehearsal for that but this is different, isnít it?
(Timothy tries to say something at this point but I canít make it out)
I just wondered if you are actually and have come to terms with the fact that the band is over and everything that went with the band is kind of no more.

TBS: Yeah, I have come to terms with it. I mean everything has to end anyway and Iím in a pretty good place with that.
The Eagles canít be the Eagles without Don and Glenn in my mind so that kind of finalises it to me. Iím ok with it.
I just got right busy. I finished my album. My life is moving oforward. Itís really important to say engaged with life and challenges and whatever you work what it brings you to do and thatís what Iíve been doing.

NH: And do you think we might be seeing you in the UK touring with this album?

TBS: Well we have just opened that conversation. I hope so. I did do a few shows here last time around and got really a good reception. I love what I do. Iíd love to come here and play. Iím going to try and work it out but I canít say for sure.

NH: Well itís always good to see you, Timothy. Donít be a stranger.

TBS: Thank you very much.
"Billy, whoever writes the songs, wins."
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Default Re: Timothy in the Press/Blogs/etc.

Thanks a lot UndertheWire, That's wonderful work.

I enjoyed seeing Tim sing My Hat and Red Dirt Road too.

Tim's on Vintage TV again tomorrow (Tuesday 25 April) at 22:30.
Needle Time (Tuesday 25 April)

All the previous episodes were referred to as Neil McCormick's Needle Time. I'm assuming that he's still the presenter.
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Default Re: Timothy in the Press/Blogs/etc.


Thank you so much for taking the time to transcribe Timothy's interview!
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Default Re: Timothy in the Press/Blogs/etc.

UTW, thanks so much.

It's all in your smile that brings
All of the special things about you
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Default Re: Timothy in the Press/Blogs/etc.

Yes, thank you UtW. You're good people, as they say in Pennsylvania.
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