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Default Re: Deacon singng Your Lying Eyes?

You're welcome, Carolyn. It's funny, REO was a big opening act back in the 70's too! I'm sure they were the main act at some smaller venues.

Wow, sure know a lot of history of big 70's bands. I loved the Guess Who, but never saw them in concert. I never really kept up on most of the bands whose concerts I attended.

BTW, Carolyn, I saw Chicago in 1976, and they were great then! Maybe AT knows about them now!
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Default Re: Deacon singng Your Lying Eyes?

I'm glad you liked Chicago when you saw them, My My. It will be my first time seeing them, but I think Matt has seen them before.

I think the reason Matt enjoys music from the 70s so much is because his mother used to take him to a lot of rock shows since he was a little kid. She's a very nice woman, and I don't think she was ever a groupie, or anything like that -- she just loved music.

Matt's real father died in a car crash before he was born, and his mother married a session musician a few years later and had 2 more sons with him (Matt's half-brothers). So he was always exposed to a lot of that 70s music growing up.

I'm glad he didn't pursue a career in music, as he has built a very successful business for himself, and I really admire his hard work and ambition. I can remember early on in our relationship he told me he was going to work like a beast to be a success, as he wanted to retire early and enjoy life by the time he was 40. Well he's 31 now and he already has the boat he wanted, which we love to go out in during the summer -- and he could probably retire right now -- but I love that he still has that drive of being a hard worker.

I don't want to build him up to be perfect, as he's far from that. In fact, when it is football season and he's watching a game on TV, I swear he's screaming loud enough that they must be able to actually hear him all the way at Foxboro Stadium -- and they haven't built earplugs loud enough to block him out. Those days I dream of a divorce -- so I usually just plan on seeing a movie with my friends on football days.

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Default Re: Deacon singng Your Lying Eyes?

Lovely story, Carolyn. Congrats on the new baby to you and your hubby!
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Red face Re: Deacon singng Your Lying Eyes?

Thank you for your kind wishes, East Texas Girl.

I decided to tell Matt last night about the tickets I got to the 2 shows for our anniversary present, as I was concerned he's the type that would pick up tickets and not even tell me until the day of the show.

He was happy about the Chicago tickets and went on and on giving me a history of the band. He said he would have given anything to have been around way back when Chicago was formed, as he said a guy named Terry Kath is his all-time favorite guitarist, but I guess he died decades ago. I didn't realize that one of the songs Matt likes to play with his brother Mark is a Chicago song called Dialogue. Matt was telling me that his brother Mark has the most similar playing style to Terry Kath that he's ever heard. He loves jamming with his brother. (Again, neither of them are professional musicians.)

But Matt said he's looking forward to seeing what the current line-up in Chicago can do, as he hasn't seen them in years.

As for the Eagles, I think I made a good call in passing on them. While Matt doesn't care one way or the other about Vince Gill, I showed him a video last night I found on YouTube that someone had shot from the Eagles performance on Monday of Already Gone, and while Matt thought they sounded good and he thought Deacon did a good job, he didn't exactly have kind words to say about some other guy. I think his exact words were something like, "What the (blank) is that clown doing jumping all around the stage. He's a (blanking) major distraction. Henley has really lost it -- he's gotta tell that clown to either sit down or get the (blank) off the stage." He was referring to someone who is playing percussion beside Don Henley. LOL

I know my husband well enough to know that if I had gotten tickets to the show, the whole night Matt would be in my ear complaining about that guy on the stage.
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Default Re: Deacon singng Your Lying Eyes?

Carolyn, any change in your plans about skipping seeing the Eagles in Boston? Iím covering it as part of larger feature down the road & would love a chance to meet & talk with you & your husband. I do a lot of writing for magazines & TV and survey lots of message boards and your post intrigues me on a few levels. I joined to try to DM you, but it didnít seem to work. Not sure if youíre blocking. Can you please DM me? Iím not a creeper & will give you my name & creds in private. Really wondering if your husband and his brothers grew up around the Village in nyc. Is the 3rd brother named David or Doug or something like that? I recall seeing a group that would pop-up & play unannounced at a few clubs back 5 yrs or so in nyc and they were all I think just late teens or early 20s. Recall someone said they were brothers. Word would spread whenever they played & the club would be packed within 20 min. One did look an awful lot like Glenn Frey circa Ď75, 1 played some mind-blowing guitar that brought the crowds to their knees (remember him bringing the house down with Try A Little Tenderness). Blew me away. He did remind me a lot of Terry Kathís style, if not better & the other seemed quiet and played very technically perfect in contrast to his brothers, heíd switch between rhythm, bass & keys and didnít say much. Unbelievable guys to watch & you never knew where or when theyíd show up, always unannounced. Once asked 1 of them if I could do a story on them and what the name of their band was. He laughed & said they were the apostles (think he was joking) & walked away. Saw a couple of them playing with other bands around nyc a few times but havenít seen any of them for past few years. Looks like youíre on the Cape and I spend a lot of time on the vineyard in the summer and would love to see these guys again if its them. DM me please.
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Default Re: Deacon singng Your Lying Eyes?

Writer -- While I post on various message boards from time-to-time -- usually more about home & gardening topics -- I don't get into the whole DM thing.

We might end up going to the Eagles show after all, as Matt's brother got 5 tickets for the concert. My biggest concern is that I'll be almost 7 months pregnant at that time, and there's nothing worse than having to wait in long lines to use the restroom.

I have no idea if it was my husband and his brothers you saw performing in NYC. Matt never got along with his stepdad, so he moved from California to NYC right after graduating high school to attend college. Him & a few college friends made a deal with a guy who ran some clubs that they could live rent-free in one of his apartments in exchange for them performing 10 shows a month at his different clubs. The other guys were a few years older than Matt, so when they moved out, his brothers moved in while they attended college and they kept the same deal going. Matt said they were actually a lot more popular with him & his brothers than when he played with his old college roommates. His younger brother is named David. Matt said they never really went by a band name, and usually just called themselves "the house band."

Matt got his masters in architectural engineering, and Mark attended college for a couple of years in NY, but moved to finish his masters in artificial intelligence at Carnegie Mellon.

Mark got engaged to my little sister --- and only sibling -- last year and they bought the house directly across the street from us -- so we have the two end houses on the street high on a cliff directly on the waterfront on the Cape -- and we love it here!

Their younger brother, David, studied music in NYC, but after spending a few months after college in Nashville, he decided to pursue a different career path.

I went to college in Boston and work in big pharma, and I'm also helping out in my aunt's realty company, as my aunt would like to retire in a year, and we've arranged for me to buy her company and take over, as it will be nice to have my own business close to home, so I can be nearby as our kids grow.

While Matt and his brothers were never a band, they are constantly asked to perform at all of our friends' and relatives' weddings and events -- so the only planned performance they have scheduled now is when Mark marries my sister this summer in a similar beach wedding that Matt and I had behind our house.

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