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Default Re: Eagles Mentions in the Press

Hope he's ok but what a way to go!
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Default Re: Eagles Mentions in the Press

Gerry is ok. He was angry with the news article, bringing up his past, major heart surgery when, as he says, it was just he knee playing up.

"About 40 minutes into the show my knee started playing up, I lost my balance and my PA came up, got my guitar and got me to come off the stage. Itís a pain in the a**e rather than anything serious, well really itís a pain in the knee. I came home and now itís strapped up and Iím resting. It was nothing serious."

I can't imagine the guy doing any major physical gyrations while performing Peaceful Easy Feeling or would that be a Painful Kneesy Feeling
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Default Re: Eagles Mentions in the Press

Found a good (and unexpected!) mention in the football section of The Times (of London) - Scott Arfield, a Scottish/Canadian who plays for Burnley FC, talks about his love of music, and how he sung Take It Easy as his initiation song on joining the club! I've provided a link, although most of the article is behind a paywall.

For my initiation, I sang Take It Easy by the Eagles. Fat boy music! Because it has a guitar in it! For me, it's proper music. I love music with lyrics, a story to pull me in like the Courteeners. That's massive talent, telling a story through a song.
The term 'fat boy music' was coined by one of his team mates, who is mainly into grime music and thinks that the rock and alternative music Arfield likes is 'middle-aged men, sitting in a pub, drinking beer'!

He also mentioned TIE in an older article from a few years ago.
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