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Glenn Frey Even when we are apart, you'll always be in my heart.

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Default Re: Remembering Glenn Frey

What impressed me about that was:
Regarding the almost Spartan simplicity of the instrument, Frey said it was important to him to keep the guitar affordable as well as extremely functional. The key for him was sound and usefulness. He explained that, the finish and inlay and bells and whistles dont have anything to do with that. We took a pretty straightforward approach to it; the only thing it has is the little GF on the headstock. Ive had ten or twelve of these in my hands, and they all sounded great and needed very little set up.

It sounds so much like what he was saying about the Eagles show back in the 70s.
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Default Re: Remembering Glenn Frey

Originally Posted by Pippinwhite View Post
Found this on the Takamine site about the creation of the Glenn Frey Signature Takamine Acoustic. It's a great story and a real look into the mind of a musician.
I've always loved the picture in that article too, besides the wonderful story!

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Default Re: Remembering Glenn Frey

Pippin - Thank You for the article. I too have always loved the story - first saw it many years ago. GA - very cool that you have one of those guitars.
Sadly, musical talent is not something I was blessed with but I love listening to those who are.
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