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Default Re: Fleetwood Mac

Thanks for the review, Rudie!

Originally Posted by RudieCantFail View Post
I enjoyed The Wallflowers as the opener, but I felt bad for them b/c no one stood until Jakob jokingly asked about it. I'm pretty shy standing up, since I can't drink yet. I'll definitely make more of an effort next time on that.
He does that at all the shows, I think. When he did that in Detroit, I stood up because I felt bad for him, lol! Nobody else was, though, so I self-consciously sat down after a song.

I hope to share this on The Ledge, but I'm still waiting on posting privileges since Thursday night. I'll still lurk here, since all of you are pretty chill, nice, and awesome.
Ooh, is there something going on over there? I'll have to go check it out!

Originally Posted by NightMistBlue View Post
Maybe Soda knows. OT: Soda, I love your new (to me) avatar pic. Stevie is leaning in to you! Nice 'un.
Play it for me and I'd know - but I can't remember what it was now!

Thanks - that's from the time I met Stevie and Don after a charity concert. Happy memories! And yes I felt so lucky and thrilled to have the Queen lean in!

Always in our hearts, always with us, never forgotten, never truly gone.
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