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Default Re: Will they play again?

Originally Posted by StephUK View Post
I thought it might be Deacon. How do you all feel about that?
I'm sorry if I posed this question in the wrong thread.
Everyone here knows where I stand - no Glenn, no Eagles, but as others feel differently I just wondered what they thought about Deacon appearing. That's all.
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Default Re: Will they play again?

Originally Posted by Dawn View Post
What's happening in August?
The Classic concerts will be over and the question. Will they play again will surface again.

I've no idea what the incoming guests are going to contribute. Henley is still singing and writing great, Tim's voice is getting better with age and Joe's guitar playing is still exceptional. I hope the live set list shifts to reflect and highlight these attributes, dragging them out of the legacy market.

I don't think Deacon is a being lined up as a direct replacement for Glenn. A precedent will be set though. Don, Joe and Tim all have musical offspring too. I wonder if they're now making preparations to become future Eagles. :

It was Henley's wedding anniversary yesterday. I'm guessing that that was the last time all the band got together outside Eagles obligations, which will happen again, this year, at Henley's birthday party. It'd be great to see them playing together again outside the confines of the band in the future. It happened lots in the 70s, very rarely, if at all, since HFO. There's even question marks about Long Road Out Of Eden!
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Default Re: Will they play again?

Don was adamant that Glenn was not being & could not be "replaced", but the press have chosen to report Deacon's appearance otherwise, from what I see in most of the headlines I get in Google alerts.
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