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Default Re: Jackson Browne

I think Jackson is incredibly underrated...I was born in the mid-80s but through the music my parents listened to when I was growing up, I was familiar with and liked a lot of music before my time. Jackson was never one of them (maybe my parents weren't fans). I took a History of Rock Music class in college and Jackson wasn't included (huge oversight, in my opinion).

Anyway, I didn't become aware of Jackson until I watched the HOTE documentary and when I checked out his music, I was just blown away. How had I lived 30 years without hearing this before?!! His songs are absolutely gorgeous and when they come on, I have to stop everything I'm doing and listen. My favorites right now are Before the Deluge, Rock Me On the Water, and Tender is the Night. He came to my hometown about a year ago, but by the time I found out about it, the tickets were already sold out.

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Default Re: Jackson Browne

Drat! The video has already been taken down, shun!

I hear lots of his songs on my classic rock station. Groupie, I don't know how you missed him!

I loved seeing him a few years ago and would love to see him again.
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Default Re: Jackson Browne

An early Christmas gift from Jackson, a great new single/video to treasure

Jackson Browne The Dreamer (featuring Los Cenzontles)
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