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Default Use of Acronyms

Sometimes, this place can get to be like alphabet soup with all the acronyms we use! For newbies, this list may be helpful:

Common Eagles and Solo song/album abbreviations
AG - Already Gone
ASWTDID - All She Wants to Do Is Dance
ATTIG - After the Thrill Is Gone
BAU - Business As Usual
BBF - Busy Being Fabulous
BNO - Boys Night Out
BOML - Best of My Love
BOS - Boys of Summer
BSF - But Seriously Folks...
BTPB - Building the Perfect Beast
CKOF - Certain Kind of Fool
COTU - Center of the Universe
DL - Dirty Laundry
DS - Do Something (usually) or The Disco Strangler
EIDN - Everything Is Different Now
EOTI - End of the Innocence
F1 - Farewell 1
FC - Fast Company or Flip City
FGOTBP - Frail Grasp on the Big Picture
FMW - For My Wedding
FNY - Funky New Year
FTF - Feed the Fire
GDIH - Good Day in Hell
GDWNF - Greeks Don't Want No Freaks
GH - Greatest Hits
GOI - Get Over It
GOTC - Guilty of the Crime
GYITM - Get You in the Mood
HC - Hotel California
HFO - Hell Freezes Over
HITW - Hole in the World
HM - Heavy Metal
HMTTN - Help Me Thru the Night
HOF - Hearts on Fire
HOTE - History of the Eagles
HOTM - Heart of the Matter
HT - Heartache Tonight
ICSS - I Can't Stand Still
ICTYW - I Can't Tell You Why
IDTWNW - I Dreamed There Was No War
IDWTHAM - I Don't Want to Hear Any More
IFS - I Found Somebody
IGM - I've Got Mine
IJ - Inside Job
ILTWAWD - I Love to Watch a Woman Dance
ITC - In the City
IWNGQ - I Will Not Go Quietly
IYWN - It's Your World Now
JCR - Johnny Can't Read
JOTS - Journey of the Sorcerer
KOH - King of Hollywood
KOT - Keep on Tryin'
LBG - Life's Been Good
LE - Lyin' Eyes
LGH - Let's Go Home
LGTIT - Last Good Time in Town
LHS - Long Hot Summer
LITFL - Life in the Fast Lane
LOI - Life of Illusion
LROOE - Long Road Out of Eden
LWE - Last Worthless Evening
LWH - Long Way Home
LWKUA - Love Will Keep Us Alive
NEITWBY - Nobody Else in the World But You
NELITW - Not Enough Love in the World
NFA - No Fun Aloud
NKIT - New Kid in Town
NMCD - No More Cloudy Days
NMWITW - No More Walks in the Wood
NYM - New York Minute
OAG - Ordinary Average Guy
ODAAT - One Day at a Time
OMS - One More Song
OOC - Out of Control
OOTN - One of These Nights
OTB - On the Border
PCHFC - Please Come Home for Christmas
PEF - Peaceful Easy Feeling
PIC - Playin' It Cool
PMAIAR - Pretty Maids All in a Row
POMPOY - Part of Me, Part of You
RMW - Rocky Mountain Way
ROD - River of Dreams
SB - Smuggler's Blues
SBR - Seven Bridges Road
SG - Sunset Grill (usually) or Sexy Girl
SKOB - Some Kind of Blue
SLJAE - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
SS - Soul Searchin'
SW - Strange Weather (usually) or So What
TALA - Try and Love Again
TGFY - The Girl from Yesterday
TGTN - There Goes the Neighborhood
THIO - The Heat Is On
TIE - Take It Easy
TITTL - Take It to the Limit
TLHTM - Train Leaves Here This Morning
TLR - The Long Run or The Last Resort
TMH - Too Many Hands
TMTT - Tell Me the Truth
TOYL - The One You Love
TS - Tequila Sunrise (usually) or Those Shoes
TSYDTPYG - The Smoke You Drink, the Player You Get
TTS - Turn to Stone
TTTM - Talking to the Moon
TWTH - This Way to Happiness
TYH - Taking You Home
VB - Very Best [of the Eagles]
VOL - Victim of Love
WBSIMB - Who's Been Sleepin' in My Bed
WDIDWMH - What Do I Do with My Heart
WIJTM - Was It Just the Moonlight
WITW - Waiting in the Weeds
WT - Wasted Time
WTTC - Welcome to the Club
YANA - You Are Not Alone
YBIYNI - You Bought It, You Name It
YBTTC - You Belong to the City
YCAWASM - You Can't Argue with a Sick Mind

Common Eagles-related abbreviations
CMA - Country Music Awards
FBB - Flying Burrito Brothers
HOF - Hall of Fame
ILAA - I Love All Access VIP Tickets
JG - James Gang
PB - Pebble Beach
POT - Party of Two (Glenn Frey and Joe Walsh)
SOS - South of Sunset
TM - Ticketmaster

Eagles message board-specific abbreviations
HFC - Holy Frickin' Crap
HS&G - Hot, Sexy, and Gorgeous
PEW - Post-Eagles Withdrawl
TB - The Border


Common internet abbreviations

BRB - Be Right Back
BTW - By the Way
ETA - Edited to Add
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
IMO - In My Opinion
J/K - Just Kidding
JMHO - Just My Humble Opinion
K - Okay
KWIM - Know What I Mean
LOL - Laugh Out Loud
NP - No Problem
PM - Private Message
OBTW - Oh, By The Way
ROTFLOL - Rolling on the Floor Laughing Out Loud
TOS - Terms of Service
WB - Welcome Back
There are additional, less common ones on Wikipedia

Always in our hearts, Never forgotten
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