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New Kid in Town If you're somebody new, introduce yourself here so we can welcome you properly.

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Default Hello

I found this message board earlier this year but wasn't interested in making posts until now. I've always known of The Eagles as I grew up in the early 1990's and watched a great deal of VH1 specials as a teenager in the 2000's but this year I bought a Crosley record player and wanted specifically vintage vinyl records from my favorite artists from the 1970's including The Eagles, Dan Fogelberg, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Carly Simon, Carole King, etc.

I missed out on the original heyday of the band as I wasn't born until the late 1980's but am glad to enjoy them now as an adult who loves history & music.

I've watched History of The Eagles on DVD and own Hell Freezes Over, Long Road Out of Eden and Don Kirshner's Rock Concert '74 of The Eagles with Linda Ronstadt & Jackson Browne. I wish I had seen them live when they
were in town a few years ago when Glenn was still alive but at the time I wasn't connected to this music again like I've been now as of this year.

I'm happy to connect with other Eagles fans and am glad I finally joined this wonderful fan community! I look forward to hearing from other fans replies!
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Default Re: Hello

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Default Re: Hello


It seems you are interested in bootlegs. Care to list them?
The chemistry... nuff said
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Default Re: Hello

Welcome to The Border!!
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Default Re: Hello


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Default Re: Hello

WELCOME to The Border!!
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Default Re: Hello

Welcome to the Border! Enjoy
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Default Re: Hello

Welcome, HC! I love all of the artists you listed... Enjoy!
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Default Re: Hello

Welcome, HCLE !!
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Default Re: Hello

Welcome and Enjoy The Border
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