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Default Re: 2018 Tour

Originally Posted by sodascouts View Post
AT, if you'd like to see some of that, try the Stevie Nicks v. Lindsey Buckingham fan wars that pop up often in the Fleetwood Mac fandom and understand how tame we are here. An example: Stevie doesn't like to rehearse until after 3 pm
I'm on The Ledge under a different name, and consider myself invested in FM.

My personal opinion is that I love Stevie's songs when they are produced by Lindsey. E.g. those on the album SYW. However, I fully support Stevie's preferences to not have her work produced by Lindsey, and think it very unfair that she is often heavily criticised, called names, etc., for not wanting to record new music as Fleetwood Mac. That's her choice. I think that some fans seem to think they have the right to tell artists what they should or should not do. I disagree with that.

I'm also disturbed by recent claims that Lindsey may have been at least aggressive, and possibly physically abusive, to Stevie, during Fleetwood Mac work. If this is the case, my support for Stevie doing whatever she damn well pleases, whether or not this fits in with the preferences of fans, doubles.

With KISS I care far less. In particular since Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons seem a right pair of so-and-sos.
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