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Joe Walsh Enjoy the good life with Joe Walsh (everybody says he's cool).

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Funk 50
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Default Re: Joe - The Future

Joe's reacted positively to the suggestion of a 40th anniversary celebration of his But Seriously Folks! album in 2018.

Here is a great interview with Joe Vitale, in which Joe says Walsh has been delving into his back catalog a lot more since the Barnstorm reunion.

Asked which songs he'd like Joe to add to future live set lists, Vitale name checks, At The Station, Second Hand Store, all the 'Weirdos' instrumentals among others.

2018 is starting to sound promising
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Default Re: Joe - The Future

Thanks for the link, Funk 50.

Joe Vitale had some interesting things to say, pointing out how they were originally scheduled to play Las Vegas the last week of September when that horrible shooting took place. They were going to stay at the Mandelay Bay too but of course the House of Blues gig got cancelled due to the Eagles playing at Seattle. What a close call.

Also he believes the Heartbreakers are such a good band they should continue to perform and maybe even make a record, saying itís hard to find that chemistry and they have it.

He also said Joe would like to do a couple of VetsAid benefits a year b/c the last one went so well.

Nice he gave a shout out to Don Felder when he mentioned him along with Stephen Stills and Tom Petty being great guitarists from Gainesville.

And next year will mark 50 years heís been performing with Joe!

Take it to the limit, one more time.
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Annoying Twit
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Default Re: Joe - The Future

Speaking of Joe Vitale, I always thought I would like his music a lot since the things he does with Joe W are always great. But, I've given his solo albums a listen and they sound OK, but not wonderful.

I googled Joe Vitale to see what he is up to. That's made more difficult as there is a person called "Dr Joe Vitale" who is a motivational/self-help type person. I found an album "No Words" by "Joe Vitale and the Band of Legends" released in 2017. Even more confusingly, it's a band formed by the motivational Dr Joe Vitale, but the Eagles/Walsh Joe Vitale plays the drums.

Spotify mixes the two artists, so I'm having to play each album to see who it's by, but it appears that all of the Eagles/Walsh Joe Vitale's albums are 2008 or earlier while the other one has been releasing albums more recently.

'Look for the Light' by motivational/self-help Joe Vitale sounds rather ... uh ... Shatner.

I'll listen to some proper Vitale now. EDIT: His 2008 album 'Speaking in Drums' is much better than I expected. He's not trying to make a big statement; it more seems that he's having a bit of fun with his family. His voice sounds a bit more like Joe on this album. IMHO anyone who likes Joe's 80s/90s albums should most definitely check out this album. Quoting the chorus from one of the songs: 'When I'm too old to rock and roll, get the shovel and dig the hole' perhaps gives a good idea of where he's coming from.

EDIT2: Ah, there's a Joe Vitale jr too. Given the photo of the Eagles/Walsh Vitale on his website, I presume that this is the son of Eagles/Walsh Vitale. Jr does some songs that again sound a bit like JW 'good time' songs from later solo albums, but then does some highly atmospheric instrumental soundtrack music too.

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Default Re: Joe - The Future

Originally Posted by UndertheWire View Post
Funk, if you want to know about Joe and The Who, take a look at
I've written about it in the book thread (it has Eagles, too) and I recommend it.
Thank you for the heads up, sounds like a very interesting book. I think I will check it out.

"Let's burn our long johns and head west" - Glenn Frey 1948-2016
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