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Default Getting “Website Not Secure” message

When I try to input my username/password, I keep getting this message. Yesterday, there was (yet another) update to my iPad. I know Google was going to start flagging some websites at some point, even those that don’t accept cc info. Just thought I’d post and see if others are having this issue.

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Default Re: Getting “Website Not Secure” message

That simply means I haven't paid the extra money to upgrade to a secure server ( https: instead of http: ). Since no one is entering in their credit card info on here, I didn't think it was worth the extra cash. I do hate that the resulting message makes it sounds like my site is some kind of security risk, though.

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Default Re: Getting “Website Not Secure” message

I actually didn't know notice the s was missing from http. Luckily I haven't gotten that message yet and I'm surprised it hasn't shown up on my work computer.

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