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Default Celebration of "Expando"

Happy Birthday Expando!

Expando was released a year ago today.

This is a great album. I'll be listening to it throughout the day.

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tequila girl
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Default Re: Celebration of "Expando"

Thanks for the reminder whitcap - i'm putting it on right now!

There is no more new frontier - we have got to make it here
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Default Re: Celebration of "Expando"

It's amazing to think it's been a year already! I'll be listening to it after work today for sure!
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Default Re: Celebration of "Expando"

It's been a busy week this week but I did stop and think about all this on Monday because it had been exactly a year since I saw Timothy in Chicago and met so many other Borders and like minded people. Good times!!!
He sings it high, he plays it low
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Stuck on the Border
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Default Re: Celebration of "Expando"

See, this is why I love it here. I would never have remembered that on my own!

When I listen to Expando I feel proud for Timothy. I know it sounds weird but I feel like he finally got it right and just did what he wanted to do, critics be damned! It's a great album to listen to with lots of different styles of music. My favorite is still Friday Night.

And I believe it was on Oct. 18 that Soda, TBF and I went to see Timothy in Chicago. I remember that we were hoping that they would be selling the CD there even though it hadn't been released yet. Well, it wasn't there and we had to go find it just like everybody else. I remember that some people on here were having a hard time finding it, but I found it on my first trip to Best Buy. Plus I won a copy playing the first Eagles Trivia game on here, which I gave to my brother, who later told me how much he liked it. Share the love, that's what I say! If you haven't bought an extra copy to give to a friend or family member I suggest that you do!
~ Cathy ~

And I dream I'm on vacation 'Cause I like the way that sounds,
It's a perfect occupation for me.
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Default Re: Celebration of "Expando"

Happy Birthday Expando! PM- I feel the same way. This album really shows off his true talent. I absolutely love this album, and will be listening to my two favorites today-Parachute and One More Mile
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Default Re: Celebration of "Expando"

I love the album!
I remember I had, of course, pre-ordered the album and I should get it to the release day,but it could not be delivered, no idea why,all the same!
I have read all the reviews and could hardly expect to hear it, finally.After 3 long weeks, of waiting, it was so far, the wait was worth it, I liked the album from the first note!
"For the record, we never broke up, we just took a 14-year vacation!"
(Glenn Frey)

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