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Recent Concert Reviews Post your reviews of recent band shows here.

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Default Re: Classic West Los Angeles - July 15, 2017

Shun...a belated thank you for all your great coverage and diligent work ...from now on, for all thing Eagles, I will skip Google and go to you! Thanks again.
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Default Re: Classic West Los Angeles - July 15, 2017

Originally Posted by shunlvswx View Post
Good to see Don is litigious as ever.
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Smile Re: Classic West Los Angeles - July 15, 2017

I went to the classic west and was 6th row! Met some amazing fans and had a blast. It was very interesting I'm 27 years old so naturally everyone noticed I was the youngest person around. Out of all the artists the only time security was around was during the eagles performance (I think a DVD/Blu ray will get a release)

There was probably around 45 security guards within first 15 rows and I was on the side aisle so they were talking to me before the started. They asked me "why do you think this band is legendary?" Which I thought was interesting cause I didn't say that and they had no idea who Eagles were. I said what makes you think that? They said head of security sat everyone down and told them to stop anyone from recording because their manager doesn't want the footage released. Which come show time you couldn't lift your phone more then 10 seconds recording. I've been to over 200 concerts and I've never seen security so on point.

Before they hit the stage this person I become friends with told me that Irving asoff (not sure of spelling) came out during press conference and said that he wanted to play Safeco field. They were from Seattle so I said if they go to Seattle I'll fly up there and buy y'all a beer. Really funny how it was announced very shortly after... he had dates in mind before the shows reviews.

That moment when Deacon said "does anybody else miss my dad?" Towards end of Peaceful Easy feeling then pic of Glenn goes on the screen. What a moment of feels

Another interesting thing I found was the next night when Fleetwood Mac was performing the entire row 2 rows behind me. The new friends were row behind me and then security showed up again but only in this spot so I was curious as to why. Definitely not as much security as eagles... I asked him what happened since the entire row was gone. He said Irving Asoff had the entire row cleared and is bringing his crew. I was like what!!

I got some videos and pics but Kendall Jenner and her friends were right behind us. And I looked back during one of the songs and locked eyes with Cindy Crawford. 😍 So some celebrities definitely enjoyed themselves!

Eagles were fantastic. Can't wait for Safeco I think they will slowly announce dates. I wonder if Evening With Eagles is more sit down and stripped down acoustic so who knows.

I think they will release it for DVD since Irving is having all the YouTube videos taken down even the ones that were in The Rolling Stones article which would have been great publicity for selling tickets..
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