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Wonder at the Powers That Be For when the talk on the street is about more serious off-topic subjects.

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Default Re: Hurricane Harvey

Originally Posted by FreyFollower View Post
My brother and family live in Houston, and thankfully all are fine. I am from the Beaumont area originally, and hate to see the devastation. Up here we only got some torrential rain briefly and some street flooding.
Village Girl and Delilah, I hope all your people are safe!
I grew up in Beaumont, and my mother was born and raised in Port Arthur. Small world!

I hope everyone's loved ones are OK. My cousin's home in The Woodlands was damaged and he is getting assistance from FEMA, but he and his family are fine. My parents are quite fortunate; they suffered no damage at all.

Always in our hearts, Never forgotten
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Default Re: Hurricane Harvey

Small world, indeed! I am so glad your parents went unscathed. So many sad stories. And I even read that Parkdale Mall in Beaumont was closed the holiday weekend.(I worked there at Montgomey Ward from '81-'86).
I hope your cousin comes out well with FEMA, and will pray your sister fares well with Irma in Florida!
Best wishes to all in these storms' paths.
"Be part of something good--
Leave something good behind."
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Default Re: Hurricane Harvey

The hospital in Beaumont where my brother in law was born was evacuated last week All those patients had to be transferred out, but at least they were kept safe. My father-in-law teaches at the high school in Port Arthur, but lives in Fannette. His house is built on a hill and by some miracle, he was unaffected by Harvey. We are all so thankful and counting our blessings.

Harvey even hit LaGrange. My mother-in-law's storage facility was completely flooded out and all the family pictures as well as military memorabilia from my husband's 20 years in service are gone. It's a small price to pay though considering everyone is safe and sound.

Glad to hear that everyone's family on here has stayed safe and no forum members have been injured.

Prayers go out to those in Florida, Georgia, and all the other locations affected by Irma.
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