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Cool Going Forth For The Fourth Of July?

What are you going to do to celebrate the country's birthday? I try to see some fireworks (internal as well as external) every year, even when I vehemently disagree with the policies and actions of the United States. I just enjoy loud and colorful bursts of light.

I'll be in Las Vegas, New Mexico, hanging out at the Classic Palace Hotel on the old plaza, waiting till it gets nice and dark. Las Vegas was once the largest town in NM and was filled with scoundrels, rustlers, outlaws, shootists, and shady women… in other words, my kind of place.

If you're in the neighborhood, drop by and I'll let you buy me a round!

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Default Re: Going Forth For The Fourth Of July?

Happy 4th of July in advance! I'm not even an American though, so no celebrations for me.
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Default Re: Going Forth For The Fourth Of July?

Originally Posted by peneumbra View Post
What are you going to do to celebrate the country's birthday? I try to see some fireworks (internal as well as external) every year, even when I vehemently disagree with the policies and actions of the United States. I just enjoy loud and colorful bursts of light.

I'll be in Las Vegas, New Mexico, hanging out at the Classic Palace Hotel on the old plaza, waiting till it gets nice and dark. Las Vegas was once the largest town in NM and was filled with scoundrels, rustlers, outlaws, shootists, and shady women… in other words, my kind of place.

If you're in the neighborhood, drop buy and I'll let you buy me a round!
Ah, Las Vegas, NM... right on Route 66 and my bucket list to visit! Have fun.

No big plans here, since the Fourth sits right in the middle of the week and I have work before and after.
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Default Re: Going Forth For The Fourth Of July?

Hey, P, have big fun!

I'll be here with friends. Good people, good food.

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Default Re: Going Forth For The Fourth Of July?

Yes, I hate it when major holidays are in the middle of the week! No days off before or after, so must stay local!

Brother in law has a big family picnic/pool party and then everyone brings fireworks for later. Always a good time!
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Default Re: Going Forth For The Fourth Of July?

We are planning to take it easy and stay close to home this July 4th. We are planning to sleep-in -- until our dog or toddler wakes us up -- and spend some time at the beach behind our house, before the afternoon sun gets too hot -- and then let our son take a nap, before we pack up the family -- including our dog, Charlie -- and head to the parade in downtown Hyannis. We'll probably stop for lunch at my husband's favorite roadside place, Timmy's, where we can eat at the picnic tables outside.

After the parade, we plan to just head home for a quiet night.

There will be a fireworks display on the Cape at night, and we’ll be able to see some of it from the deck at our house, so we’ll have a little BBQ and, instead of hearing a lot of loud music that we may not enjoy, we'll just listen to our favorite playlist of Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding, Al Green, Van Morrison, etc. – and avoid all the crowds and traffic afterwards.

We’ve had some crazy days lately, between my sister deciding to postpone her wedding to my husband’s brother for the 3rd time this summer. Everyone is getting fed-up with her prima-donna antics, and she keeps using the excuse she is cramming for the bar exam at the end of July, so she can join our dad's law firm as a full-fledged lawyer, as the excuse for her bad behavior.

That was bad enough, but when she started picking on our sweetheart Mom, who was simply reactivating some of her old social media accounts in order to reach out to old classmates, as she is on her high school's reunion committee -- and telling her she wasn't allowed to use social media, because they both have the same first (Cathleen) and last name -- and we all look so much alike and my sister didn't want her future clients to think she was on social media -- I put my foot down on my sister and pushed her way-way-way back into place.

On a more pleasant note, my husband and I already had a nice date night out this past Saturday when we drove to Providence to take a gondala ride during the WaterFire in Providence – and I strongly recommend anyone in the New England area go to WaterFire at least once this summer -- you won't regret it -- it is just sooooo incredibly peaceful and beautiful. Then we ate at Siena, which was so delicious – but there are so many great restaurants to choose from right there on Federal Hill where the WaterFire takes place -- and then we went to a nightclub to see one of Matt's best friends perform -- he was so good, his songs and voice reminded me of Van Morrison.

So, while most of my family & friends will be heading to the Esplanade or the banks of the Charles River to watch the fireworks this July 4th – we’ll be enjoying a more quiet and peaceful day at home on Cape Cod.

No matter what everyone on this board has planned -- I hope everyone has a phenomenal & safe July 4th – and I suggest spending it cuddled up next to someone you love, whether that be your significant other, your parents, grandparents, children, or your best friend.

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Cool Re: Going Forth For The Fourth Of July?

So, your sister is marrying your brother-in-law, which - IF it actually happens - would also make her your second cousin, right?

No. She'd be your step-uncle.

Well, anyway, the best place in the U.S. to see fireworks on July 4 is on the East Coast. Every little town has a fireworks display, and there are a LOT of towns in New Jersey, Delaware, etc.

Maybe the best July 4th fireworks I ever saw was at an outdoor Southside Johnny date at Englishtown Raceway in New Jersey. The band stopped their set for like an hour so that everybody could enjoy the aerial explosions. There were fireworks going off in every direction; all you had to do was stand there and slowly spin around. Springsteen is right: Jersey is one crazy-wild place.

(P.S.) Pointless Trivia Dept: The Star-Spangled Banner is the only national anthem in the world that consists entirely of questions...
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Default Re: Going Forth For The Fourth Of July?

Hi peneumbra -- I agree with you about the East Coast. Our July 4th went almost as planned, with the exception that instead of listening to the playlist I had planned, my husband got into a groove of teaching our son how to play a song on the piano -- technically our son hit 3 keys when my husband gestured for him to -- and so I instead heard Jackson Browne's "Somebody's Baby" played a good 25 times last night -- but my son was so thrilled with himself playing those notes and yelling out the words "Somebody's Baby" followed by his big laugh -- that I could have watched them all night long -- and I did...

Whether my sister, Cathleen, and my brother-in-law, Mark, ever make it down the aisle is definitely a big "IF." I have a feeling my sister may be doing the same thing I did when it came close to marrying a guy I had dated from the time I was 15 until almost 23. I just felt like I shouldn't do it -- that there was something that just wasn't right about it -- but everyone around me kept telling me how perfect he was, or that they could tell how much he loved me, etc., and it got to the point where I was thinking there must be something wrong with me, because when I'd go through a checklist in my head, he hit all the criteria -- he was handsome, well educated, on his way to a huge career on Wall Street, treated me like a queen, was a few years older than me, would make a great dad & wanted to start a family soon -- just like I did, and he came from a great family -- and so on -- but I kept feeling like I shouldn't walk down that aisle, and I serously couldn't figure out why.

Had I not met Matt on the Amtrak train that one day about a month before my wedding -- I really think I would have gone through with that marriage. But, within days of meeting Matt, I cancelled my wedding, as I realized that I had never had that special connection with my fiance that I instantly had with Matt. Keep in mind, that I had been extremely faithful to my fiance since we started dating at 15. But, I don't know what you call it, whether its goosebumps, a certain energy -- or just plain chemistry firing on all cylinders -- but there was just something there with Matt that I had never felt before.

Matt and I never had a formal engagement, but our first date was an unplanned getaway the very next weekend after we met to Hampton Beach, NH where we saw some good bands at the Casino Ballroom, ate like pigs at this phenomenal restaurant no longer there called Mama Leone's (no relation to the famous one)-- hung out at the arcade and literally decided that weekend we were going to get married as soon as the dust settled on the wedding I had just called-off.

If I had made a list of whether Matt was the right guy for me, he would have flunked on almost every category. After babysitting in my teens for the daughter of a musician & his wife -- I knew I never wanted to even date someone who was a musician -- never mind marry one -- and, yet Matt lives & breathes music, had worked his way through college playing in a band. Even worse, I wanted someone who came from a stable family -- and Matt's mother admitted she had chased after this one musician she had a monster crush on, and Matt was the result of their brief hook-up -- and the musician died in a car crash before Matt was even born -- although from the way he was conceived and the one video I found online of Matt's father, I don't think this guy would have been involved in Matt's life had he not died -- as in the video, his father looks like he's orbiting somewhere between Mars and Jupiter. And Matt is definitely a lot more rougher around the edges, having played sports in school and having all kinds of friends from where he grew up in L.A. with a stepfather he couldn't stand.

But, yet, that list of things just flew out the window, because I just knew in my gutt that he was the right guy for me.

The bottom line is I really count my blessings every day at how lucky I was to have met Matt when I did, because it's true what "they" say -- when you meet the right person -- you immediately know -- your instincts just kick-in -- and sometimes you have to just trust those instincts and jump-in and take a leap of faith.

It's not that we don't have our little arguments here and there -- such as Matt's penchant for always taking my FJ Cruiser when he's not working, which leaves me with either driving his big Ford 250, or his classic car, or his motorcycle -- and I don't like any of those options. But for the most part, I've been blessed.

Anyhow, my gutt tells me that my sister might be doing that mental list thing about Mark and trying to figure things out. When I ask her if she's having doubts, she starts giving me a list of things she likes about Mark -- he's handsome, incredibly successful having the heads of Silicon Valley salivating to bid on every invention he comes up with; he definitely loves my sister; and she loves the idea of living directly across the street from me and Matt and raising our children together.

But what I don't hear her say -- or ever witness with my own eyes -- is any chemistry or sexual energy between them -- and while no one knows what goes on behind closed doors between 2 people -- I have a feeling that might be what is missing.

So, as it stands now, I told my sister that if she chooses to postpone the wedding to anytime between the end of August through the end of September -- she needs to find herself another maid-of-honor and forget about hosting the wedding at both of our houses -- as I am due to give birth to our second child around the beginning of September -- and I will be resting & recuperating in those weeks before and after.

Cathleen actually seemed relieved by this and told Mark that they might have to wait until next summer to hold the wedding, as she keeps insisting she wants to have an informal beach wedding, the same way me and Matt did -- and I think this delay might be just what she needs to pass the bar, get her career going at my father's firm and take a little time to figure out if she really wants to marry Mark.
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Default Re: Going Forth For The Fourth Of July?

A little late for the party ( this thread).
My Kevin & I were married on July 4th, 1985, so that's what we do every year, celebrate our anniversary. He had to work this year, and it was wicked hot. Our town- Burlington, Vermont-has their fireworks over the waters of Lake Champlain on the 3rd. It was just too hot & humid to go down to the waterfront and watch. But we did see them for a few minutes from the middle of our street.
really miss watching them in my hometown of Riverside, California. We are trying to get back there, but have to wait for a job offer , I'm a theater mananger/costumer..and after our daughter's wedding , which is August 25th.

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Default Re: Going Forth For The Fourth Of July?

Happy belated 33rd anniversary, MaryJo -- and I absolutely love your quote at the end -- not sure if that is your own, or a quote from someone else -- but it's very beautiful sentiment -- and one I believe in.

I actually don't spend a ton of time online and mostly do a quick fly-by of a couple of minutes scanning a handful of cooking and home & garden websites -- and some music sites to try to have a little knowledge about things my husband loves -- but I was starting to feel a bit like a leper on this site for babbling so much about my hubby -- which is welcome on most of the other parenting, family & home & garden sites I usually go to -- but I'm learning not so much welcomed here -- so its nice to see someone else talk about celebrating their love of their husband on this site, as well.

Sometimes Matt will look at what I've posted on here about him and give me a kiss for sharing my love for him, but then he'll grin and say, "Baby, I'm telling you -- I know you mean well -- but you should just stay away from that board, because I'll bet it's a bunch of older ladies who don't want to hear this from you -- trust me, baby" So I just showed Matt your post -- and he smiled and said "OK, so there's one" with his big grin -- he's such a brat.

I see you are from Vermont, and I haven't been up there in years -- and although I'm not a big shopper, one of my favorite online places to shop is the Vermont Country Store. In fact, just a few weeks ago I bought Matt an old-fashioned shaving cream brush kit & razor as an "just because I love you" gift -- and he can't stop talking about how much he loves it, and keeps showing it off to everyone who comes to the house. Every morning he goes on and on when he's shaving about how much he loves it -- and now his brothers are buying their own sets.

Although our house is mid-century modern with very clean lines -- I love getting some little old-fashioned touches of things from that store to make
the house feel more homey -- not to mention I get some things for my grandmother and mom there that they remember from years ago, which we can't find anywhere else. During the summer I almost live in summer sleeveless shift dresses -- and I have a bunch of old-fashioned style aprons -- 2 of the red-checkered apron -- which I got from the Vermont Country Store that I love to wear when I'm cooking and cleaning-up around the house.

I wish you lots & lots of luck in landing your dream of getting back to your favorite hometown -- as that was also my dream to live on the Cape where I spent many summers with my grandparents -- and I am so grateful it has happened for me.

Anyhow, I am going back to being serenaded right now by my husband at the piano and my little toddler sitting beside me eating his Popsicle on the sofa. I was never really a big fan of the song Somebody's Baby -- but tonight I am on Round 2 of hearing Matt sing it -- with my toddler absolutely screaming out the words "Somebody's Baby" during the song -- and then throwing his head back like his dad with his roaring laugh.

I have at least learned 2 things from this song tonight:

1. My son will never be in the school choir. as he will scream the words to a song and completely drown everyone else out.

2. After standing quietly on the other side of the living room table, while he was unwrapping his Popsicle just a moment ago -- he kept staring at me with an expression as if he felt guilty for doing something -- as he listened to my husband singing the song. Then he came over, gave me the most adorable & sweet "I'm sorry" expression on his face -- then touched my face and said in the sweetest way, "Nooo -- you're not a baby, Mommy -- it's OK..."

It dawned on me that, although he has been potty trained since he was 2 -- he finally graduated out of the "accidents" he was having at night a few months ago now that he is 3-1/2 -- and we've been praising him by telling him he is no longer a baby -- and he is our "big boy" now. To also ease him into the transition for the arrival of our new baby in a couple of months -- we told him that because he is a "big boy" we will be taking him to Disney World in the winter and the baby will have to stay at home with grandma -- and he loves that!

Anyhow, when Matt heard what our son said to me, Matt said, "Mommy is daddy's baby" -- and our son found this beyond hysterical.

To me -- these moments are worth more than all the gold in the world.

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