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Cool How Is THIS Possible?

The last four (4) times I've looked at this message board, the radio station here has played an Eagles song. Just now, it was "Take It To the Limit."

It happens as soon as I click on The Border and the face page, or home page, or whatever you call it, appears. All four times, within 30 seconds.

I've lived a pretty weird life, and I've seen some pretty bizarre stuff - most of which was actually there - but this is kind of strange...
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Default Re: How Is THIS Possible?

I have had it happen, but not consistently. I'm always amazed!

I have a country station going now, so no Eagles!
"They will never forget you 'till somebody new comes along"
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Default Re: How Is THIS Possible?

That happens to me all the time.
Listen, look and take those signs seriously. It's the Universe telling you something.
I'm hoping my signs are pointing to me winning tickets from a local radio station to see our Eagles at The LA Forum in September. Four nights, five days, hotel & airfare , + $1000 spending money...and for us, a chance to see family & friends, too.
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