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Glenn Frey Even when we are apart, you'll always be in my heart.

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Default The sisters that introduced Glenn to JD Souther

We've all read the articles where Glenn talks about following a girlfriend out to LA, hooking up with her, and being introduced through her to JD Souther who was dating her sister. Well, I found this article about those ladies, Joan and Alex Sliwin! Apparently the two sisters as well as a couple other girls had a band in Detroit and the Mushrooms were their backup band. Reading this article, though, Joan makes no reference to any romance with Glenn. From this, it seems like she simply knew him from Detroit, so when he came to LA she let him crash at her place before he got one of his own. She also says he was running from a draft notice - I'd never heard that before!

And then, of course, she introduced him to her sister's new boyfriend... and the rest is history. I'm betting that these girls were the "Alexandra / Joan Claudia" thanked on the Longbranch Pennywhistle album for their "Inspirationticipation."

Just found it a cool little piece of context. FYI - in the photo - Joan is the girl with the long dark hair, second from the right. The girl next to her with the long blonde hair is her sister Alex, JD's girlfriend.

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