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Default Re: Timothy on Twitter

Apologies, Borderers, I've had one of those days when I kept running as fast as I could and still ended up ten yards behind the start line. And as for the idiot who phoned me twice in five minutes about market research and

I'll just do a brief summary for now, and then finish off the proper word-for-word report tomorrow.

Tim was wearing a black jacket and trousers, black shoes, and a grey round-necked T-shirt which had Expando written across it. (Like the writing on the black T-shirt shown as an offer with the CD on Tim's website, but without the Timothy B Schmit.)

Brief intro followed by three clips.

Clip of Hotel California with Joe with long hair and a bandana, Don Felder in check shirt with his double guitar, Glenn with long hair and ‘bandit’ moustache, Don Henley on drums – and Randy! The back drop has the words Hotel California, and I’m sure all you experts will know exactly which show it was from.
Clip of Tim, presumably in a studio, wearing yellow headphones, singing ‘I can’t tell you why’ with a glimpse of Don, also wearing yellow headphones, on drums. It’s the bit where Don closes his eyes, hits a drum, opens his eyes, and sorts of rolls them as if someone has sung a bum note- or hit the wrong drum!
Clip from 'How long' with chorus then Don singing 'I've been doing time in a lonesome prison where the sun don't shine'.

Presenter said that although Tim had been with the Eagles for 33 years he was relatively one of the new boys, and Tim agreed.

He was asked how he joined the Eagles, and said he got a call from Glenn asking if he was interested in joining them, and Tim said that although he calmly accepted inside he was jumping up and down.
Asked if he was nervous about joining the Eagles, Tim said what had made him nervous was that they'd asked him to join them before he'd played a note with them. But he knew that they were all professional musicians, and that after the first rehearsal it seemed the perfect fit for both them and him.

The presenters then rattled off a list of some of the people Tim has worked with, and then showed a clip of him singing 'Parachute'.

Asked about becoming a solo artist, Tim said that he'd released albums, but hadn't toured on his own. And it's different from being with the band but he's enjoying the solo tour. Then there was a bit more about the difference of touring with the band to by himself.

He's playing Manchester, Birmingham and London while in the UK, but at smaller venues than the o2 (big arena in London for those who don't know) where the Eagles played last year. Tim also said that it's easier to play the larger areans and stadiums' because you have the protective cover of the band'.

The presenter then made the old comment about Tim being the only Californian in the band, to which Tim replied 'You've been doing your homework'.

Then it was 'Good luck with the tour, and on tomorrow's programme we have....'.

All in all, about 7 minutes max.

(If you're wondering how I can make a word-for-word transcript, it's because I videoed the interview. Unfortunately I can't do all the gizmo-ey technical stuff that some of you [especially Soda] can do. )

With special thanks to Soda for the update about Tim's appearance on the programme.
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