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Default Re: A Gathering Of The Clan - The Fred Walecki Benefit Concert

I was aware of the Randy-Henley incident, I almost mentioned it in my initial post, and I haven't read Heaven And Hell. I'd say there was an earlier source. I'm surprised it was included in Felder's book. I wouldn't list it as part of Felder's experiences as an Eagle.

As far as I know, Felder and Meisner parted company in 1977 and never reconnected. I suggest that Felder wasn't invited to the A Gathering Of The Clan because Henley didn't want it to become an Eagles reunion show rather than a tribute to Fred Walecki, which would also, partly explain Henley's reaction to the requested photograph with Randy.

I believe that Randy and his wife joined a queue of fans lining up for autographs off Don (pre- selfies). I'm not surprised that Don beat a hasty retreat when he spotted a reunion with Randy being manufactured. Don has said that he had a perfectly amiable meeting with Leadon at the show but didn't mention meeting Randy.

My opinion is that Randy's wife scared Don off before he even saw or heard Randy. You wouldn't expect to meet an old band mate in a queue of autograph hunters would you?
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