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Default Post Ranks

You might have noticed that under your name you've got guitars and phrases like "Out on the Border," and wondered what they mean.

They're your "rank" which tells everyone how often you have posted. When you post more, you get more guitars and different words until your name. As the admin, I have five guitars automatically as do the moderators, but the rest of you guys have to earn 'em!

Ranks change after 100 posts, 500 posts, 1000 posts, and 1500 posts. You cannot change them yourself; it's automated. Here are the ranks:

Out on the Border (one guitar)
100-499 Border Desperado (two guitars)
500-999 Border Rebel (three guitars)
1000-1499 Border Troubadour (four guitars)
1500+ Stuck on the Border (five guitars)

May you all become Stuck on the Border eventually!

Always in our hearts, Never forgotten
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