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Default Re: For Those Saying Glenn Frey is Necessary to the Eagles; no Glenn, no legit Eagles

An intelligent veteran of the Fleetwood Mac boards named David wrote the following about the departure of Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac and the band's "survival" without him, and I couldn't help but think how well it applied to the "Eagles" without Glenn:
"The notion of [the importance of the band's] survival doesn't mean all that much to me. The planet is filled with bands that have survived, but who wants to listen to them? I drive down the 215 and see a billboard for yet another Journey concert at one of the north county casinos, and I think 'Good Lord.' Journey survives but what's the point? Another year playing casinos and fairs milking the old hits made famous by the original singer? It really is just a paycheck at that point. If Fleetwood Mac wants to 'survive' and tour with strange new members, milking old hits made famous by the departed, it is just a paycheck. No interest to me. Those who find it interesting are in luck, certainly but I wonder whether they're kidding themselves. [...] This latest (and I hope last) incarnation will leave no lasting music, no legacy. The crowds will still flock, probably, and the money will roll in. The band just wants a paycheck, and they'll get a paycheck."

Always in our hearts, Never forgotten
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