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Default Re: Don in the Press/Blogs/etc.

This radio interview with Don was originally posted in the Classic East/West Concert thread by Philh. I'm providing a brief transcription since these links tend to expire. It took place this a.m.

First, Don discusses his band and setlist. He said if someone in the audience yells out a request, they can sometimes put it together and perform it, that's how versatile and good his band is.

Then he talks about the upcoming Eagles concerts. He says he looks forward to them but he can't say who is in the line-up just yet. They are keeping it in the family. He's not trying to be coy about it. There will be an official announcement soon. He wants to stress that they are not replacing Glenn b/c Glenn is irreplaceable.

He believes what they're doing is something Glenn would have approved of. He said when Glenn passed away, he didn't think they could go on. But they received messages from people all over the world who want to see them continue. Don said they have to do it in a way that honors Glenn and his legacy. He said the future is going to be interesting. He also said, "so far the reception we've had has been good, very positive."

Don gets asked about the documentary, specifically how hands-on the band members were in its creation. Don said, "we fully participated" but I'm not sure if he understood the interviewer's question. He then gets asked if there's anything he wished was included that was left out. Don's answer was a firm "nope..there's plenty in there."

Don is asked about Linda Ronstadt. Don says he doesn't talk to her too often but they do exchange emails here and there. She does speaking engagements occasionally. He recommends her autobiography.

Don talks about his legacy, basically saying he doesn't think about it. The most important thing to him is to be a good father. Because of this, he doesn't do albums very often. He mentions he still has two kids living at home, with one of them graduating this month.

He also talks about the difficulty in making The Long Run album, b/c the interviewer asks him about it. He also discusses his first car (a '48 Dodge). I believe that's pretty much it in a nutshell.

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