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Default Re: Don in the Press/Blogs/etc.

Don't give up, RudieCantFail. I also told my friend who lives in California that she will see Don again. I think she hasn't seen him since 2015 when he did his first leg of the Cass County tour.

I know I was complaining that Don didn't have not one southern dates last fall and then Don came out with tour dates in the south. It was also around the time I was trying to save to see Donny and Marie in my home state, but I end up going to both anyway. And then the people in the northeast and midwest were not happy he didn't include dates in their area.

He'll be back to California and Northwest soon. He'll probably be touring this fall. I never thought I would get the chance to see Don. I took plunge and travel the 8 hours to Austin(this was a last minute decision after I found out my best friend wasn't going to be in town) and then 3 hours to Houston(I also wanted to see my best friend in Houston and I did get to see her). It was soo worth it.

Brothers for life. RIP Glenn

I'm not sure I believe in fate, but I know that crossing paths with Glenn Lewis Frey in 1970 changed my life forever, and it eventually had an impact on the lives of millions of other people all over the planet. It will be very strange going forward in a world without him in it. But, I will be grateful, every day, that he was in my life. Rest in peace, my brother. You did what you set out to do, and then some." -Don Henley

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