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Hi folks,

just wanted to tell you a bit from the Keith show in Hamburg yesterday.

Wow, it was just fantastic and mind blowing. Almost better than the Eagles show last year. But this would be comparing apples with oranges. Totally different shows. I can say the Eagles and Keith were the best concerts I've ever seen in my whole life.

We were waiting for 4 hours in front of the venue but that wasn't bad because we met a few guys from our German board and we could listen to the soundcheck so time went by really fast.

As I already said it was a smaller club with 1200 people and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. We got 4th row and had a great view on the stage.

We were glad the opener Kim Frank wasn't there and didnít open for Keith so we could enjoy two guys from his band (Jerry Flowers and Chris Rodriguez, our Keith fans Maleah and Brooke sure know who they are ) and both did a great job. They were playing for almost an half hour and did a couple of cover songs.
But I have to say I was a bit impatient because I wanted to see Keith.

At 22 pm finally Keith entered the stage and he charmed me from the first song. Wow, what a man! I couldnít get my eyes off him most of the time, I was overwhelmed with his charisma, the way he moved while he was singing and playing guitar. He was sweating so much you could see the sweat running down his arms and across the guitar.
Speaking about guitars... he changed the guitar to every song and I knew his guitar playing is just brilliant but I didn't know it is that good.

One time he made a little mistake on the lyrics to Canít Stop Loving You and he laughed out loud about himself. That was so funny and cute. I love it when he laughs in that way. And he laughed a lot in that show.

In between he read the signs and one girl were lucky to get his attention with the her sign (donít know anymore what was written on it) and he jumped from the stage, came over to that girl, hugged and kissed her on her cheek and posed for a photo. That was so awesome because we were standing only 2 meters away so I could see him pretty close. I noticed his eyes, skin, lips,, that man looks so good and sexy.

The whole band had so much fun doing this show you could see it.
People were singing along every song and didn't want to let him go. He came back 3 times for encores and dedicated one song to his wife.

After 2 hours he left the stage. Now Iím suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms but today I bought my ticket for the Hamburg show in October so have something to look forward to.

Oh, and I caught a guitar pick, sadly not Keith's but from Jerry.
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