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I must be getting desperate to find a concert, any concert to go to this Summer since, as of right now, any Eagles concert plans have gone away. This morning, a local radio station announced a festival that will be playing nearby in June. I let out a little squeal when I heard who would be playing at the first day of the festival: The Bay City Rollers.

I've corralled a friend from work (who I know attended a Rollers concet back in the 70's) to go along with me. (She also let out a little squeal when I told her about it today, and then she covered her mouth and turned beet red).

All day long I've been thinking about my best friend from grade school, Monica. She and I went to see the Bay City Rollers when we were 10 years old (our 1st concert experience). She had the cool young Dad (as opposed to my old grumpy Dad) and he used to take us to see all the popular pre-teen concerts: The Rollers, Andy Gibb, etc. He was a saint for putting up with all that high pitched screaming (and that was just us in the car on the drive to the concert)! I haven't talked to Monica in probably 13 or 14 years (she moved away, we both had kids and got busy). Ironically, I recently dreamed about her (we were at an Eagles concert, they were performing in a barn and there was a flying pig-but that's a whole other story ).

Anyway, I called her parents house this afternoon and talked to her Dad. He's kind of hard of hearing now (Geez, you don't think all that high pitched screaming had anything to do with his hearing loss?). He told me Monica moved back to Wisconsin last Summer and is living about 50 miles from here! He gave me her number and I'm going to be giving her a call. How cool would it be to re-connect at something like a Bay City Roller's concert!

Maybe the Summer won't be so bad after all!
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