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Default Re: RIP Leon Russell

Originally Posted by NightMistBlue View Post
The Wrecking Crew is a great documentary, for many reasons. I don't remember Leon being interviewed, but he was surely mentioned.

The New York Times obit gives a good overview of Mr. Russell's amazing career; they call him a musician's musician. I love the anecdote that over 100 artists have covered "A Song for You" but it took Mr. Russell just about 10 minutes to write it

IMO, Karen Carpenter did the most moving rendition of "A Song for You." Particularly when she gets to the lyric: I love you in a place where there's no space or time/I love you all my life, you are a friend of mine...

I gotta stop now, I'm verklempft. Talk amongst yourselves...
Just an FYI

Here are a couple of isolated vocal tracks of Karen Carpenter. I enjoyed them all but Superstar and Yesterday Once More are two of my personal favorites.

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