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Default Re: Fake Reviews ???

Originally Posted by MaryCalifornia View Post
Here is something interesting and relevant to this thread from Instagram this morning. Jerry Saltz is a Senior Art Critic for New York Magazine, here is his post:

"Why is most current art-criticism positive? *NO* editor dissuades critics from writing negatively. Ever. Let me say that again: Critics are allowed to write WHATEVER they think about an artist. I believe that being critical of art is a way of showing art respect. No one would write that every play by the NY METS is great; or every movie; or every meal. Yet most art reviews are glowing/positive. What has happened to critics? Is this inclination, fear, the academy scaring the shit out of young writers, what?"

Sounds like the 100%-positive-review culture is alive in other areas of the arts, too.

Wow, Thanks for finding that Mary - very interesting. I have noticed mostly positive reviews for things lately. However, my local newspaper gave the recent Bon Jovi concert at the Prudential Center a bad review. He said Bon Jovi's voice was gone and he sounded terrible !
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