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Originally Posted by Mrs Frey
Originally Posted by SweetHolly
Originally Posted by janisjoplin
I'm really envious of you, Holly, discovering all these wonderful CDs etc. I remember the thrill I used to get when a new album by someone I liked came out - I'd spend hours pouring over the liner notes and lyric sheets and if one was lucky - a poster
I love finding out about the bands that I like. I love reading the liner notes whenever I buy cds. I always do it as soon as I open the cd. Most of the music I like is from the 60s and 70s, stuff my parents grew up listening too.
Wow, SH, you're a lot like me in that regard . I love reading about my favourite solo artists and bands as well as watching and listening to them. I also love reading the liner notes of CDs, not to mention looking at the pictures (if there are any, I must add). My favourite music encompasses the mid '50s, '60s and '70s. My collection of Elvis and Beatles literature is quite impressive, if I have to say so myself... So far, I've only got one Eagles book, but I'm working on correcting that . It's just so difficult sourcing anything in South Africa. You won't believe how I've battled to source Glenn Frey's solo albums, although Eagles music has become available of late.

I agree with you totally, Dreamer - today's music does not compare to the music of yesteryear. I've always preferred retro. Today's music doesn't "do it" for me either, JJ and Brooke! I got stick for it in school, being a '90s teenager, but I stuck to my guns. Elvis and the Beatles are cool again, now - well, I don't remember a time that they weren't cool... (cue the Eagles singing: they're cool... )

I also still have my vinyl, although my record player has also died . A lot of it is not available on CD, which is frustrating.
It was pretty hard for me to find all of Glenn's solo cds but I was so glad I did. I have quite a collection of Beatles cds and Elvis cds. I also have a few books about the Beatles.
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