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Originally Posted by Brooke
I love FM and Stevie, too, although I don't have much except old vinyls, which I can't play as I don't have a record player anymore. I think I'm gonna have to work on updating to some cds of theirs!
I've still got all my vinyl - we did have a turntable but sadly it got ill and died

I'm seriously contemplating putting my lp's on Ebay - my mum thinks I should let them go - and with not having any children to leave my worldly goods to I might just have a go.

First of all though, I'll have to get a digital camera and learn how to upload images - then there's the rigmarole of working out what price to start the bidding at and then work out postage and packing.

Gosh, I feel tired just thinking about it
I want total sensory deprivation and back-up drugs :O)
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