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Default Re: Celebration of "Expando"

I so love this cd.
Jahh and I saw him at the Keswick theater in glenside pa .
I didn't want to listen to it prior to the show I just wanted to go and be entertained
I gotta tell you I am so glad I did .
This is one of my fave cds and I think its because I got to hear it for the first time live as apposed to hearing it first on the cd.
I just kept watching his face as he sang his heart out and he talked between all the songs and explained them etc...just so glad I did

I love white boy from sacramento just a funky funny cool song...

I love that he wrote a song for his wife Ella Jean and explained what inspired him to write the romantic that a man could put in to words how he feels when his wife is away...just so romantic but I already said that but its how I feel when I think of that song.
Its just one of my favorite cds and I always felt its cause I saw it done live the first time I heard all those beautiful songs.
If you haven't listened to it .I highly recommend it.
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