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Originally Posted by WalshFan88 View Post
Perhaps, but you can forget that it exists and not acknowledge it. You can write it out of your memory. You can, for lack of a better word, pretend it doesn't exist. You can write your own history book, and if it makes you feel better, why not!

I feel like I have every right to say how I feel about the band now, and absolutely that can and likely might influence some people. If I can get through to one person, well, then it isn't a lost cause. I feel there is purpose to having this discussion. Otherwise, without this thread, it'd be all one sided. That's not cool.
I donít see why you need to pretend it doesnít exist. You oppose the new lineup. Thatís perfectly fine and you should say your opinion on it. But I donít think living a fantasy world is the answer. At least to me. I am sorry that the current situation has lead to you feeling this way
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