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Default Re: New sound: Delicious Grace

Originally Posted by Annoying Twit View Post
I listened to your song, and there is promise there but it needs some work. Particularly the vocals.

You certainly are trying to promote your song. You've posted on the Elvis forum that the composer is strongly influenced by Elvis, on the Bon Jovi forum that the composer is strongly influenced by Bon Jovi, on the Morrissey forum that the composer if strongly influenced by Morrissey, and also that the composer is strongly influenced by a band called STP, etc.
Thank you for taking the time to listen to this. The vocal department is something we're aware of. But at the time of the recording there was only one guy who could do it and he did his best. We'll have more songs out in the near future and I can promise you will sound better.

Yes, we're trying to promote it some way because we believe in what we're doing. We decided to post only in places that we connect to. All those bands you mentioned are connected to this project. There are a lot more!

By the way, STP stands for Stone Temple Pilots. Very good band.
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