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Default One song refused to lose

The tribe has spoken and we have a winner in the Leap of Faith Survivor. The tribe has spoken and after all those songs, only one is left standing. The stubborn one that took a leap of faith and refused defeat is ...

I Refuse!

I Refuse 7
All Those Faces 3

Vote Breakdown
I Refuse Freypower
I Refuse UndertheWire
I Refuse L101
I Refuse Ive always been a dreamer
I Refuse timothyswife
I Refuse shunlvswx
I Refuse Delilah
All Those Faces Annoying Twit
All Those Faces Brooke
All Those Faces RudieCantFail

Songs Eliminated:
The Island 2/02
Slow Down 2/04
You're So Wild 2/06
Goodbye, My Love 2/08
Pearl on the String 2/10
It's Alright 2/12
This Waltz 2/14
What I Should Do 2/16
Red Dirt Road 2/18
My Hat 2/20
All Those Faces 2/22


Thanks everyone for playing and hope you enjoyed the game.

"People don't run out of dreams: People just run out of time ..."
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