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Default Re: Celebration of "Analog Man"

Originally Posted by Funk 50 View Post
There was a leading guitarist who said his favourite Walsh album was There Goes The Neighborhood. Thought it was Steve Lukather, I'm wracking my brain now

All Joe's post Eagles albums, including But Seriously Folks, have too much vocal and not enough instrumental, IMHO.
Without India, which was specially requested by Irv Azoff, Analog Man would be bereft of instrumental interludes barring the mood interrupting, jarring section during Spanish Dancer (Sounds similar to Zeon's Nightime In The Switching Yard) and both of those are more rhythmic than emotional or melodious diversions.

One thing I don't like that Joe retains from the analog days is a resistance to turn up the bass.
Too much bass on an LP would make the needle jump. One of Joe's (and Bill Szymczyk's) great skills was an ability to make his records sound powerful despite the restrictions on bass levels but with digital (and live music) you can turn the bass up to room shaking volume.

I think Joe needs to find a modern producer who knows how to mix the music with the bass up loud. Brian Eno's a very interesting producer, I love the sound of Ringo's self produced last album. Previously mentioned, Steve Lukather's pretty good too, Richard Marx or Joe Vitale. Foo Fighters production, I'm not sure about. I daren't mention MK.
Mention him all you like. He produces his own albums. He doesn't produce other people. He probably wouldn't be right for Joe in this regard. I maintain it would be interesting to hear the two of them play guitar together & that is where I will leave it.
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