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sodascouts 01-31-2017 09:06 PM

Timothy B. Schmit Song Survivor: Leap of Faith
Time for Leap of Faith Song Survivor! If you're new, for a basic overview of the game, see this post: Survivor Overview

I'm going to list the songs of Leap of Faith here. Vote for the song that you feel should be eliminated from the list. The song that gets the most votes will be taken off of the list (or, in the language of Survivor, "Voted off of the island.") Each round, one more song will get axed, until there's only one left. Remember: you're voting for the one you want kicked off, not the one you want to stay.

Each round will last 48 hours after posting to give people a chance to vote who don't post every day. That means that the first round will end at 8:00 Eastern time the day after tomorrow. If you miss a round, don't think you can't play. It's all good!

Since there may be discussion posts, be sure to make it clear when you are casting your vote. Votes cannot be cast after the cut off time of 8:00 on the second day, and they cannot be changed once you have voted.

While these games can get heated, remember it's all in good fun. You can debate the merits of a song, but don't badger people who don't vote the same way you do. The administrator and moderators reserve the right to take action if they determine that someone is behaving disruptively, nastily, or otherwise inappropriately.

If you get confused about what round we are in, look at this post. I'll always update it to reflect the current round. Also feel free to post any questions if you don't understand what's going on.

If there is a tiebreaker, then ALL votes from ALL previous rounds are tallied and whoever has the most prior votes is eliminated. Thatís the way itís done on the real show, thatís the way itís done here. If there is a complete tie with prior votes (Murphyís Law), then I'll have a sudden-death trivia question ready. The first person who answers it correctly gets to break the tie. The odds of that happening are slim, but you never know, and it's good to be prepared.

The tie-breaker question will be asked one hour after results are in, if there is need for it. The exception is the last round. If the tie-breaker does not resolve the last round, then the tie will be allowed to stand.

Note: In order to avoid voter fraud and trolling, we require that you must be "a member in good standing" as defined by the Terms of Service for at least two weeks before the start of the game in order to cast a vote.

So now Ė letís have some fun and enjoy the game.


The winner is:

I Refuse

Songs Eliminated:
The Island 2/02
Slow Down 2/04
You're So Wild 2/06
Goodbye, My Love 2/08
Pearl on the String 2/10
It's Alright 2/12
This Waltz 2/14
What I Should Do 2/16
Red Dirt Road 2/18
My Hat 2/20
All Those Faces 2/22

Thanks for playing and hope everyone enjoyed the game.

TW 01-31-2017 09:21 PM

Re: Timothy B. Schmit Song Survivor: Leap of Faith
I vote for Pearl on the String

sodascouts 01-31-2017 09:42 PM

Re: Timothy B. Schmit Song Survivor: Leap of Faith
Really? That's one of my favorites! It's familiar, yet surprising.

On the other hand, one that's not really my style...

I cast my vote for Slow Down.

That xylophone... nope. Not for me.

TW 01-31-2017 10:00 PM

Re: Timothy B. Schmit Song Survivor: Leap of Faith
I dont know everytime I listen to it it just seems like background music, a filler. I feel no connection with it whatsoever.
Slow down is one of my favorites! I guess everyone has their own taste, as they say variety is the spice of life right? :D

Gemini 01-31-2017 10:19 PM

Re: Timothy B. Schmit Song Survivor: Leap of Faith
This is gonna get tough for me real quick, but this one is pretty vote this round is for Goodbye, My Love.

Freypower 01-31-2017 10:22 PM

Re: Timothy B. Schmit Song Survivor: Leap of Faith
Already some interesting votes.

I will be playing this game although I still don't know the album very well, and I have to say I don't think it's nearly as good as Expando. I find most of it too slow or too country sounding.

ETA: Having said that I do like the album a lot, and have some particular favourite tracks.

I vote for The Island which I find far too slow & far too Beach Boys like.

Ive always been a dreamer 01-31-2017 10:35 PM

Re: Timothy B. Schmit Song Survivor: Leap of Faith
Well - I just posted in another thread that Expando is still my favorite of Tim's solo albums and the setlists in his solo shows are still dominated by that album, which tells me it must be Tim's favorite as well. However, I do like Leap of Faith and I think it has some strong songs on it. There are only about three or four songs that I am not very fond of and I agree with Freypower that The Island is the weakest of all. However, I'm going to wait and see how this round plays out before I vote.

Delilah 02-01-2017 12:59 AM

Re: Timothy B. Schmit Song Survivor: Leap of Faith
I vote for It's Alright.

There are nice vocals by Timothy here but the song itself is just "alright."

UndertheWire 02-01-2017 04:01 AM

Re: Timothy B. Schmit Song Survivor: Leap of Faith
The Island and Slowdown are two of my favourites. The one I find slightly irritating is Pearl on a String and that's my vote.

Annoying Twit 02-01-2017 09:52 AM

Re: Timothy B. Schmit Song Survivor: Leap of Faith
Goodbye My Love

Nothing wrong with the song, just less my style than the other songs on the album.

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