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Fun Audio Downloads
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Note: commercially released songs have been removed from radio programs

In the Studio with Redbeard - Hotel California (1992)
Frey, Henley, and Walsh discuss the making of the album and what the songs are about.
Part 1: Opening
Part 2: Adding Walsh
Part 3: Creating Life in the Fast Lane
Part 4: Success of Hotel California
Part 5: Making of Hotel California
Part 6: Discussing The Last Resort
Part 7: Closing Credits

Off the Record with Joe Benson (2006)
Interview with Frey, Henley, and Schmit where they discuss the history and future of the Eagles
Part 1: Early Days
Part 2: Recruiting Joe Walsh and making Hotel California
Part 3: More about Hotel California, adding Schmit and making The Long Run
Part 4: Schmit's struggles; Reuniting; Future of band

Capitol Gold (2007)
Band talks through Long Road Out of Eden with Nicky Horne in extensive 4-hour program.
Part 1
1. Discuss No More Walks in the Wood / How Long
2. Discuss Busy Being Fabulous / I Don't Want to Hear Any More
3. Discuss Somebody / I Love to Watch a Woman Dance
4. Discuss Guilty of the Crime
5. Henley talks about technology and arguments
Part 2
1. Henley talks about Walmart deal
2. Discuss Business As Usual
3. Discuss Long Road Out of Eden
4. Discuss I Dreamed There Was No War
5. Henley says there are no plans for world tour
Part 3
1. Discuss Fast Company / You Are Not Alone
2. Discuss Last Good Time in Town
3. Discuss No More Cloudy Days / Do Something
4. Walsh and Schmit talk about finishing album
Part 4
1. Discuss Waiting in the Weeds
2. Discuss Frail Grasp on the Big Picture
3. Discuss What Do I Do With My Heart
4. Frey talks about needing to make a new record
5. Eagles talk about legacy
6. Discuss Center of the Universe
7. Discuss It's Your World Now


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